SFU Academic Quadrangle Renovations

Gauthier & Associates Landscape Architecture (G|ALA) has been working with SFU Campus Planning and Facilities Services to revive the large green space of the Academic Quadrangle.

Designed more than 50 years ago by famed architect, Arthur Erickson, the Academic Quadrangle is the ceremonial heart of the campus at the University.

The planting, seating, lighting, and many other elements have been carefully considered in order to make the Academic Quadrangle a more active, open space for students to socialize, learn, and to find inspiration.

Part of a larger vision, G|ALA lead an extensive Landscape Enhancement Plan of more than 50 landscape improvement projects throughout the campus. Institutional spaces, gathering areas, and natural habitats were all thoughtfully restored and/or re-designed in conjunction with campus’ anniversary celebrations.

A key challenge was to create unique and inviting spaces that respected the original design while updating the overall function and aesthetics. Another key objective was to return the campus to a consistent use of materials and site furnishings.

Gauthier & Associates worked closely with Facilities Planning to identify and implement a design plan which, once approved for funding, was led as one larger project in order to achieve the best possible price. G|ALA assisted the campus to develop long-term tree and plant purchasing orders to ensure the best quality material at a significant savings. 

A critical goal was to reassemble the essence of Cornelia Oberlander’s original landscape design. This was achieved within budgetary constraints by editing unwanted elements that had intruded over time, defining appropriate elements to restore, and striking a balanced approach to new interventions.

SFU Academic Quadrangle Renovations, Burnaby BC

SFU Academic Quadrangle Renovations by Gauthier and Associates Landscape Architecture.
A plaque commemorates the 50th anniversary of SFU Academic Quadrangle.
Students chat at SFU Academic Quadrangle in Burnaby, BC.
SFU Academic Quadrangle Renovations landscape design by Gauthier and Associates.