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About Us

Gauthier and Associates (G|ALA) is a professional landscape architecture studio based in Vancouver, BC. We specialize in the conceptualization and implementation of carefully considered environments for a broad range of private and public sector clients. Our diverse portfolio includes work ranging from large-scale new community planning to parks and open space design; infrastructure and institutional design; urban design and redevelopment and residential gardens.

At G|ALA our first principle is to listen – to our clients, our collaborators and the community at large to better understand the site and inform our process. Our approach is to seek solutions that benefit not just our clients, but the site and its’ surroundings. Our commitment to a collaborative, iterative design process allows us to achieve these objectives without compromise.

Whether it is supporting a multi-disciplinary project or taking a leading role on projects work with a landscape focus, we are dedicated to finding spatial solutions to problems, often in ways that go beyond our role as landscape architects. 

Our dedication to collaboration and detail has led us to work with some of Canada’s, and the world’s, best brands and institutions, including the National Gallery of Canada, The Biennale Di Venezia, Mountain Equipment Co-Op, Reliance Properties, Westbank, The City of Vancouver, The American Consulate, Simon Fraser University, Van Ke properties and many others. 

Canadian Pavilion Grounds

The Office

Our practice is comprised of designers from a variety of fields and backgrounds who bring a range of skills and experience to their work. All are devoted to achieving the highest standard of care to every project and are passionate about expressing beauty, liveability and materiality to their work.

Bryce Gauthier

Bryce Gauthier

With more than twenty years experience practicing landscape architecture in Canada and across the globe, Bryce has built a reputation for his ability to synthesize complex sites and larger societal issues into finely-crafted landscape expressions that are beautiful and functional. While maintaining an unwavering focus on detail and resolution, Bryce’s work strives always to hit higher notes of culture, history, ecology and sociability. 

After starting his career in the 1990s as a planner and housing consultant, Bryce obtained his Masters degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia. In 2001 he moved to Shanghai where he rose to the role of senior urban designer for Earthasia, one of China’s largest landscape architecture firms. He returned to Vancouver in 2006 to become Senior Associate at Sharp + Diamond Landscape Architecture Inc. 

In 2014 he formed his own practice, focusing on the implementation of several high profile projects for clients such as Mountain Equipment Co-Op, Westbank, Chard, Simon Fraser University, the Government of Canada, the Venice Bienale and many others.

Huijing Chen

Huijing Chen

A spirit for exploration and adventure lured Huijing to Vancouver from a successful career as a landscape architect in Shanghai. She has experience leading large scale urban design and open projects from conceptual design to detailed design and implementation. 

Huijing has a passion for sustainable landscapes fostering the relationship between humans and nature. She thrives on creating engaging public spaces, both ecologically and socially for people. Huijing has experience leadings projects from conceptual through detailed design and implementation both in Canada and China.

She loves being active – and when not working can usually be found in a gym, in a park or on a mountain. 


  • 2020 Landscape Architecture Master Degree, The University of British Columbia

  • 2011 Landscape Architecture Bachelor Degree Shanghai Institute of Technology

Martin Vigneault

Martin Vigneault

Martin strives to create environments and communities that speak about to his passion for art, history and love for different cultures.  Martin began his career in landscape architecture with us Andover the years has risen to become a leading designer and project manager in the firm.

A former film student who loves to travel, Martin pursued a career in urban design because he enjoys having an impact on people’s living environment while observing the differences and similarities these changes can bring. 


  • Film Studies Degree from Lionel-Groulx College

  • Architectural Design and Technology Degree from Old-Montreal College

Jiahui Huang

Jiahui Huang

Jiahui’s cross-discipline background encourages her to see projects from different aspects and get inspiration from various fields. Her interest in research and analysis helps her design to reflect unique cultures of the site in concept and details. She keeps exploring the power of residential and public landscape in improving people’s daily lives sustainably and socially through design.

The experience working in a firm focusing on residential projects at different scales in Metro Vancouver has equipped Jiahui with knowledge of design development and construction details.

Jiahui will function as Project Coordinator and Graphic Specialist and will assist in consultant coordination detail design and drawing production.


  • 2017-2019 – Master of Landscape Architecture, The University of British Columbia

  • 2015-2017 – Bachelor of Environmental Design, The University of British Columbia

  • 2014-2015 – Bioenvironmental Sciences, Texas A&M University

Rodrigo Rodriguez

Rodrigo Rodriguez

Rodrigo’s years of experience in architecture, interior and landscape design in Brazil  allows him to conceptualize at a high level. He combines his wide ranging interests in design with thoughtful detailing. Easy to talk to and work with, Rodrigo is an excellent communicator and leads a number of design-focused projects in the office. 

Outside of his work he has a passion for sports, music and DJing.


  • Bachelor Degree of Architecture and Urban Planning, Centro Universitario de Brasilia, 

  • Graduate Studies in Architectural and Urban Sustainable/Environmental Rehabilitation, Universidade de Brasília, Brazil. 

  • Certificate in Interior Design degree, Institute of Technology and Development, Canada. 

  • Architectural and Building Technology Program – BCIT